With the excitement, the chaos, the energy, and the weariness that December brings, all hearts need a resting place. It can be hard to focus on Jesus when there are so many other dazzling distractions around us. Our Long-Expected Gift is meant to help bring Jesus back into focus. It is meant to give families a reason to stop, to sit, and to listen to God’s Christmas story. Scripture, poems, and extraordinary watercolors are all wrapped up into the beautifully designed coffee table book, which makes it as pleasing to the eye as it is to the heart. 

the why behind the book

This book is meant to bring the focus back to Jesus at Christmastime. Families come together for a short devotional each day in December. The rhymes and watercolors are able to capture the attention of people of all ages. 

our long-expected gift

Our Long-Expected Gift is a hardcover, coffee table style book with a deep green fabric covering and gold embossing. It is filled with Scripture, poems, and gorgeous watercolors, illustrated by Kate Gouws.